Interdisciplinary Research

While many faculty in Mechanical Engineering collaborate across departments, some work in research programs that are interdisciplinary by nature. The ME department hosts four interdisciplinary graduate programs: Advanced Manufacturing, FEA Pro, Operations Research with Engineering and Space Resources. Other faculty conduct research affiliated with the Nuclear Science and Engineering Center and the Payne Institute for Public Policy.

Faculty in Interdisciplinary Research

Angel Abbud Madrid

Research Group: Center for Space Resources

Craig Brice

Research Group: The Alliance for the Development of Additive Processing Technologies (ADAPT)

  • Additive manufacturing (AM) in a range of materials from metals to ceramics to polymers
  • Process feedback control of AM systems
  • Qualification and certification of AM processes and parts
  • Alloy design and property development
  • AM education and workforce development
  • Director: Advanced Manufacturing interdisciplinary graduate program

Mark Deinert

Center Affiliations:
Nuclear Science and Engineering Center, Payne Institute for Public Policy

  • Renewable energy and energy systems
  • Nuclear power
  • Nonequilibrium processes
  • Physics of complex systems
  • Dynamics

Alexandra Newman

Research Group:
Operations Research with Engineering

Andrew Osborne

Research Center:
Nuclear Science and Engineering Center

  • Systems modeling to understand environmental, economic and geopolitical impacts of different energy technologies
  • The effects of dynamics, non-equilibria and systems structure on energy technologies

Anthony Petrella

Research Group:  Computational Biomechanics Group

  • Computational biomechanics
  • Experimental study of the musculoskeletal system, specifically spine, hip and knee mechanics
  • Application of advanced nonlinear finite element analysis methods along with subject-specific anatomy and statistical techniques to simulate spinal function
  • Director: FEA Pro interdisciplinary graduate program

George Sowers

Research Group:
Center for Space Resources

  • Space resources
  • Space transportation and launch systems