Andrew Osborne

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Andrew OsborneAndy Osborne received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics in 2006 from the University of Glasgow in Scotland.  After graduating he worked as an analyst for the JP Morgan Chase investment bank, splitting his time between Glasgow and New York City where he worked closely with the Emerging Markets trading desk, developing risk management software for credit derivatives.  He returned to academia as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Texas at Austin (2009-2014), where he worked on the design and analysis of advanced nuclear reactors and fuel cycles.  Andy furthered his postdoctoral work at the Colorado School of Mines, and held a Research Assistant Professor appointment from 2016 until joining the Mines Mechanical Engineering faculty as an Assistant Professor in January 2018.  His work centers on the application of high performance computing and reactor theory to model coupled multiphysics phenomena in a broad variety of nuclear reactor systems.  Andy’s research interests also include hybrid energy systems, numerical methods and software engineering.


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