Andrew Petruska

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Andrew PetruskaDr. Petruska’s primary research focus is on the control of complex dynamic systems with an emphasis on magnetic manipulation for medical applications and autonomous systems for mining and underground exploration. He obtained his PhD in 2014 from the University of Utah and did his posdoctoral studies at ETH Zurich, where he was named a Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems fellow. In 2017 he was named a Boettcher Investigator for his work on magnetic manipulation for neurosurgery. Dr. Petruska earned a BS in Physics and a BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. 


Brown Hall 280F

Labs and Research Centers

Research Areas

  • Complex system modeling and design
  • Dynamics and control
  • Advanced magnetic manipulation

Recent Publications

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  • Bruns, T. L., Riojas, K. E., Ropella, D. S., Cavilla, M. S., Petruska, A. J., Freeman, M. H., Labadie, R. F., Abbott, J. J., Webster, R. J. “Magnetically Steered Robotic Insertion of Cochlear-Implant Electrode Arrays: System Integration and First-in-Cadaver Results.” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 5(2):2240–2247 (2020).


  • Zhu, L., Wen, X., Han, Q., Fryer, A., Suttora, N., Petruska, A. J. “Performance Evaluaion of Wi-Fi for Underground Robots.” Proceedings of the 16th EAI International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services pp. 498–503 (2019).


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  • Ullrich, F., Lussi, J., Chatzopoulos, V., Michels, S., Petruska, A. J., Nelson, B. J. “A Robotic Diathermy System for Automated Capsulotomy.” Journal of Medical Robotics Research 3(1):1850001 (2018).


  • Mohanty, S., Hong, A., Alcantara, C., Petruska, A. J., Nelson, B. J. “Stereo Holographic Diffraction Based Tracking of Microrobots.” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 3(1):567–572 (2017).
  • Zeydan, B., Petruska, A. J., Somm, L., Pieters, R., Fang, Y., Sargent, D. F., Nelson, B. J. “Automated Particle Collection for Protein Crystal Harevesting.” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2(3):1391–1396 (2017).
  • Petruska, A. J., Edelmann, J., Nelson, B. J. “Model-Based Calibration for Magnetic Manipulation.” IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 53(7):1–6 (2017).
  • Huang, H.-W., Petruska, A. J., Nelson, B. J. “Soft Micro-Robots for Military Medicine.” Homeland Defense & Security Information Analysis Center Journal, Special Nanotechnology Issue: 25–27 (2017).
  • Edelmann, J., Petruska, A. J., Nelson, B. J. “Magnetic Control of Continuum Devices.” The International Journal of Robotics Research 36(1):68–85 (2017).


  • Jang, B., Wang, W., Wiget, S., Petruska, A. J., Chen, X., Hu, C., Hong, A., Folio, D., Ferreira, A., Pané, S., Nelson, B. J. “Catalytic Locomotion of Core-Shell Nanowire Motors.” ACS Nano 10(11):9983–9991 (2016).
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  • Hong, A., Zeydan, B., Charreyron, S., Ergeneman, O., Pané, S., Toy, M. F. Petruska, A. J., Nelson, B. J. “Real-Time Holographic Tracking and Control of Microrobots.” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2(1):143–148 (2016).
  • Hoop, M., Shen, Y., Chen, X.-Z., Mushtaq, F., Iuliano, L. M., Sakar, M. S., Petruska, A., Joessner, M. J., Nelson, B. J., Pané, S. “Magnetically Driven Sivler-Coated Nanocoils for Efficient Bacterial Contact Killing.” Advanced Functional Materials 26(7):1063–1069 (2016).

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