Mechanical Mondays

Mechanical Mondays: Fall 2024 – TBD

All Mechanical Mondays will be held on Mondays in MZ 204 from 12:00pm-1:00pm.



Past Mechanical Mondays Series

Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Schedule:

February 5 Alumni Spotlight: Sean Zeeck, Lockheed
February 26 Alumni Spotlight: Kathryn Kostecka, ULA – Cancelled 
March 11
Alumni Spotlight: Max Dumler, SLB – Cancelled 
March 25
Alumni Spotlight: Gavin Jones, Edel Golf
April 8 Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Armstrong, Chevron
April 22 Alumni Spotlight: Alex Flanagan, Ursa Major – Cancelled 


Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Schedule:

August 28 Alumni Spotlight: Kaiden Hales, HDR
September 11 Alumni Spotlight: Mike Mooney, Underground Construction and Tunneling
September 25
Alumni Spotlight: John Huston, Montrose Environmental Group
October 23
Alumni Spotlight: TBD
November 06 Alumni Spotlight: Shane Giskaas, Ball Aerospace
November 20 Alumni Spotlight: Carly Blaes, GE Vernova
December 04 Alumni Spotlight: Matt Zappulla, Los Alamos, NV


Spring 2023

Spring 2023 Schedule:


March 1 Alumni Spotlight: Ian Coberly, McKinsey & Company
March 27 Alumni Spotlight: Max Fuller, AZP Engineering
April 10
Alumni Spotlight: Samantha Palma, ULA
April 24 Alumni Spotlight: David Chamberlain, Kiewit
Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Schedule:

August 29 Alumni Spotlight: Dave Gleister, Ball Aerospace
September 12 Alumni Spotlight: Eric Martins, Tekni-Plex, Inc.
September 26
Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Seaver, Fundare Resources
October 10 Alumni Spotlight: Mike Rosenberg, Prieto Battery
October 24 Alumni Spotlight: Mike Lontine, Arthrex* Rescheduled
November 7 Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Schaaf, Mountain West Consulting
November 21 Alumni Spotlight: Chad Rolsted, Canadian Pacific Railways
Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Schedule:

January 31 Alumni Spotlight: Geordie Campbell, Jabil Engineering
February 28 Alumni Spotlight: Amy Hegarty, CU Boulder
March 14
Alumni Spotlight: Mitch Kruse, Fluke
April 4 Alumni Spotlight: Michael Riechers, ULA
April 18 Alumni Spotlight: Scott Hodgson, Maxson
May 2 Industry Spotlight: 3D Systems
Fall 2021
Fall 2021 Schedule:

September 20 Alumni Spotlight: Will Fehringer, Juno Mission Operations, Lockheed Martin
October 4 Industry Spotlight: Chad Allie, The MathWorks (Plano, TX)
October 25
Alumni Spotlight: Claire Teklitz, United Launch Alliance
November 8 Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Zamora, Milwaukee Tool
November 22 Alumni Spotlight: Matt Miller, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source
December 6 Alumni Spotlight: Brian Wiesner, Downing USA
Spring 2021
Spring 2021 Schedule:

January 25 Graduate Student Panel
February 1 Study Abroad Program at Mines
February 22 Alumni Spotlight:  Claire Teklitz, United Launch Alliance
March 8 Industry PerspectiveET1 (SS) Ryan M. McCabe, US Navy
March 22 Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Reeves, Trane Technologies
April 12 Industry Perspective: Karl Grueschow, Patroness
April 26 Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Zamora, Milwaukee Tool
Fall 2020
Fall 2020:
Due to COVID-19 campus restrictions, we did not host Mechanical Mondays this fall.
Spring 2020
Spring 2020 Schedule:

January 13 Alumni Spotlight: Geordie Campbell, Jabil
January 27 Graduate Student Panel
February 10 Industry Perspective: Earl Benson, Northrop Grumman
February 24 Industry Perspective: Mike Karty, TMMI
March 9 Alumni Spotlight: Devin Sammon, Transportation Technology Center Inc.
Fall 2019
Fall 2019 Schedule:

August 26 Industry Perspective: Mike Casey, Antarctica Experience
September 9 Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Bradt, BP Global Concept Development
September 23 Alumni Spotlight: Doug Collins, Avid Product Development
October 7 Industry Perspective: Dave Wolenski, Electro-Mechanical Products
October 21 Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Dawson, Utility Global
November 4 Alumni Spotlight: Eddie Carell, Sundyne LLC
November 18 Alumni Spotlight: Bennie and Julie Benson, ENERGYneering Solutions
December 2 Industry Perspective: Tony Glocker and Mike Puckett, SolidProfessor
Spring 2019
Spring 2019 Schedule:

January 14 Industry Spotlight: Kiewit Rondout Tunnel Team
January 28 Alumni Spotlight: Scott White, Denver Machine Shop
February 11 Faculty Spotlight: Dr. John Steele
February 25 Alumni Spotlight: David Bloch, Outdoor Edge
March 11 Alumni Spotlight: Justin Mattice, Air Squared
April 8 Alumni Spotlight: Jason Chamberlain, Specialized Bikes
April 22 Alumni Spotlight: Eric Thurston, Personify Inc.
Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Schedule:

August 27 Club Day: ME club opportunities for undergrads
September 10 ME Research Divisions: ME research opportunities for undergrads
September 24 Group Hike
October 8 Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Neal Sullivan
October 22 Industry Spotlight: Synchroness
November 5 Graduate Student Panel: Life as an ME grad student at Mines
November 19 Alumni Spotlight: Ian MacGregor, Skratch Labs CEO
December 3 Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Werner Kuhr