Huayang Zhu

Research Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Huayang ZhuDr. Zhu is currently working primarily on modeling chemically and electrochemically reacting fluid flow for fuel cells and batteries. Dr. Zhu received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Maryland-College Park, BS in Mechanics and MS in Fluid Mechanics from Peking University, China.

Dr. Zhu has been developing the theory, modeling, and computational software for a wide array of chemically-reacting fluid-flow problems including: combustion, catalytic processes, chemically-reacting reservoir flows, high-temperature MIEC membrane reactors, solid oxide fuel cell systems, and batteries.  Recent efforts include new approaches and software to represent the coupled effects of electrochemical kinetics, thermal reforming kinetics, porous-media transport, and fluid flows.

These capabilities are also incorporated into system-level models, which are applied to evaluate and optimize solid-oxide fuel-cell systems and batteries.  Dr. Zhu is also studying the heterogeneous chemical reaction mechanisms for the fuel processes, catalytic combustion, and electrochemical systems for clean-energy power-conversion technologies.


Brown Hall W410C


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