Ruichong ‘Ray’ Zhang

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Ruichong Ray ZhangDr. Zhang received his B.S and M.S degrees respectively in 1984 and 1987 from Tongji University, Shanghai, China and Ph.D. degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1992.  He is registered Professional Civil Engineer in California.  Before joining Colorado School of Mines, Dr. Zhang had worked in Princeton University for three and a half years as Post-Doctoral Research Associate, and in University of Southern California for two years as Research Assistant Professor.

Dr. Zhang’s research interest resides in continuum mechanics, vibration theory, wave propagation, stochastic processes and fields, and advanced data processing and analysis for sensory systems, disaster assessment and mitigation, and structural/geotechnical nondestructive evaluation and health monitoring.  He is author of 1 edited book, 1 book chapter, 1 edited journal, 48 journal papers and numerous papers in conference proceedings and edited books.

Dr Zhang is the recipient of 1997 IASSAR Junior Research Prize in Stochastic Dynamics for his contribution to the solutions of seismic wave propagation through stochastic media, bestowed by International Association for Structural Safety and Reliability (IASSAR).


Brown Hall W470D

Research Areas

  • Damage Diagnosis and Structural Integrity Evaluation of Pipelines and Infrastructural Systems
  • Design Concrete Containment for Fluidized-Bed Thermal Energy Storage System, and Perform Engineering and Economic Analyses
  • Modeling of Time-dependet Dislocation Source and Wave Propagation in Layered Media
  • Time-Frequency Data Analysis for Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Detection
  • System Identification and Vibration Control of Long-span, Large-scale Structures


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  • Alamin A. and Zhang, R. (2014) “Modeling of acoustic-emission wave propagation in multi-layer media,” Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Vol. 44, No. 1, pp. 101-124.
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  • Zhang, R. and Alamin A. (2013) “Synthesis of acoustic-emission wave propagation in multi-layer media,” Applied Mechanics and Materials, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Vols. 321-324, pp 1321-1330.
  • Zhang, R. (2012) “Re-examination of Thickness-Resonance-Frequency Formula for Structural Integrity Appraisal and Damage Diagnosis,” Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis, 4, 1-9. (

Recent Courses

  • Dynamics
  • Engineering Vibration
  • Advanced Engineering Vibration
  • Structural Theory