Jeffrey Wheeler

Teaching Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey WheelerJeffrey Wheeler joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering teaching faculty in 2017.  He is currently a Teaching Associate Professor.  He graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics.  During his undergraduate studies, Dr. Wheeler spent two summers in the Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars program at NASA Langley Research Center.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Dr. Wheeler came to Mines as a graduate student.  He completed his Masters of Science in Engineering, Systems Specialty in 2013.  His thesis research focused on the development of a solid-state sensor to detect the onset of carbon formation on nickel catalysts in fuel reforming systems.  This research also resulted in a patent.

Dr. Wheeler earned his Ph.D. from Mines in Engineering Systems in 2016.  His research focused on applying optical measurement techniques to study liquid electrolytes.  After graduation, Dr. Wheeler worked with the Colorado-based startup Vartega Inc. Vartega recycles carbon fiber manufacturing scrap through a novel chemistry-based process.  Dr. Wheeler used his diagnostic expertise to determine the quality of reclaimed carbon fiber and develop process improvements for Vartega.

Dr. Wheeler remains active in the Colorado startup community and continues to perform research with Vartega.  His research interests include instrumentation development, diagnostic techniques, process monitoring, and material characterization.


Brown Hall W310B


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  • Tedder, Sarah A; Wheeler, Jeffrey L; Cutler, Andrew D; Danehy, Paul M;   Width-increased dual-pump enhanced coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy Applied optics 49 2011
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