Sandrine Ricote

Research Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Sandrine RicoteDr. Ricote is an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CSM. She earned her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France for her research on the characterization of high-temperature proton-conducting ceramic materials (BaCe0.9-xZrxY0.1O2.95) for use as electrolytes in Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells (PCFCs).

Dr. Ricote completed a four-year appointment at the Technical University of Denmark/Risø National Laboratory in Roskilde, Denmark where she developed PCFCs electrode materials, among other projects.

Dr. Ricote joined Mines in 2012 and has been working since on the development of protonic ceramic fuel cells and membrane reactors.

She was the Chair of the Colorado Section of the American Ceramic Society from 2018 to 2020 and is now a board member.

Research Areas

  • Characterization of defect-transport properties in protonic ceramic materials
  • Electrode development for protonic-ceramic fuel cells & membrane reactors
  • Processing of protonic ceramic materials
  • Thermal and chemical expansions
  • High-temperature electrolysis
  • Ambient-pressure XPS