ME Associate Professor Garritt Tucker was one of two awardees of the Institute for Materials Science (IMS) Distinguished Faculty Scholar Program at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Dr. Tucker, along with a postdoc and a PhD student from his research group, Computational Materials Science and Design, will spend 8–12 weeks collaborating with LANL scientists. Their research will develop new scientific understandings of the structure-property relationships of grain boundaries, their interactions with other defects, and their role in the multiscale behavior of metallic microstructures. Tucker and team will also develop new methods for integrating computational and experimental research, with an eye toward large-scale data acquisition and analysis using the new research techniques/tools that he and LANL scientists are advancing. IMS is an interdisciplinary research and educational center focused on fostering the advancement of materials science at LANL.

The Distinguished Faculty Scholar Program is designed to enhance LANL collaborations that will not only generate new initiatives within materials science at LANL but will also create additional workforce pipelines and enhance LANL’s reputation in international materials science communities. The other 2021 IMS Distinguished Faculty Scholar is Dr. David Mitlin from The University of Texas at Austin.