ME graduating seniors Ryan Evans and Tyler Pritchard were named May 2021 Undergraduate Research Scholars by the Office of Undergraduate Research Scholars.

The Undergraduate Research Scholar Distinction is a notable honor for dedicated undergraduate student researchers. To be distinguished as an Undergraduate Research Scholar at graduation, students must complete, at minimum, two semesters of mentored undergraduate research, present their research, and obtain a recommendation from a Mines faculty mentor.

Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in McBride Public Affairs on May 2021. During his time at Mines, he was involved in the Advanced Multiscale Building Energy Research Group (AMBER) under Dr. Paulo Cesar Tabares-Velasco. Honors and awards he has received during his undergrad include McBride Honors Scholar, Thorson First-year Honors Scholar, Outstanding Philanthropist in Greek Life, and CSM Dean’s List. The research Ryan has done is on the energy optimization of the Mines campus through the building-scale energy modeling of CSM facilities. In his future, he plans on pursuing graduate school, and he hopes on working in biomedicine or biomechanics for his career.



Tyler Pritchard

Tyler Pritchard graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and minors in Energy and Public Affairs. While at Mines, Tyler conducted research for the Colorado Fuel Cell Center (CFCC), a research laboratory within the Mechanical Engineering department, looking at the techno-economic potential of Sabatier electrolyzers for methane synthesis. As a Harvey Scholar, Payne Institute Scholar, and recipient of the Leo Borasio Memorial Award from the McBride Honors Program, Tyler enjoyed examining the intersection of technology, society, and the environment in his research. Tyler looks forward to using his research experience to advocate for a more sustainable future that relies more on renewable energy and advanced storage technologies.