Jason Porter

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Jason PorterDr. Porter received his PhD from Stanford University where he developed optical sensors for fuel sensing in internal combustion engines, supported by an NDSEG fellowship and Nissan Motor Co. His doctoral research focused on applications of multi-wavelength mid-infrared lasers for detection of fuel vapor sensors in the presence of fuel films and aerosols.

He received his MS from UT Austin where he developed optimization algorithms for radiation heat transfer models. During his masters research, Dr. Porter worked at Sandia National Labs where he applied radiation heat transfer models to fire science applications.

Dr. Porter’s research can be broadly grouped into two efforts: 1) developing optical diagnostics for in-situ detection and control of complex energy conversion technologies, and 2) studying fundamental transport and chemical kinetics for improved efficiency and reduced pollution in energy conversion. Technologies studied include: room-temperature ionic liquids, sodium-ion batteries, diesel spray combustion, gasification, steam-methane reforming, PEM fuel cell manufacturing, and solar photovoltaic manufacturing.

A significant research focus is in gasification of biomass, coal, and waste streams to produce syngas—a potentially much cleaner process than direct combustion. A laboratory-scale high-pressure entrained-flow gasifier serves as a test bed for many fundamental gasification studies, including two current projects studying char gasification kinetics and hydrogen separation membranes.


Brown Hall W410D

Research Areas

  • Low-cost sensors for detection of catalyst coking. Funded by: CSM Foundation, Slater Family Trust
  • Ballistic Imaging and Scattering Measurements for Diesel Spray Combustion. Funded by: Army
  • Modeling of Grid-Scale Sodium-Based Rechargeable Batteries. Funded by: Sandia/DOE
  • Coal gasification for hydrogen production. Funded by: Praxair/DOE
  • Gas-Phase Kinetics in CIGS Thin Film Fabrication. Funded by: Abengoa Solar Inc.
  • High Temperature and Pressure Char Kinetics – Diagnostic development, Gasifier experiments, and Modeling. Funded by: NSF


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  • Nicholas P.G. Lumley, Dotti F. Ramey, Ana L. Prieto, Robert J. Braun, Tzahi Y. Cath, Jason M. Porter, Techno-economic analysis of wastewater sludge gasification: A decentralized urban perspective, Bioresource Technology, vol. 161, (2014) pp. 385-394.
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  • Jason M. Porter, Jay B. Jeffries, Ronald K. Hanson, Mid-infrared laser-absorption diagnostic for vapor-phase fuel mole fraction and liquid fuel film thickness, Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, Volume 102, Issue 2 (2011), 345-355.

Recent Courses

  • Heat Transfer
  • Advanced Heat Transfer