Jason Porter

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of Dr. Jason Porter outdoorsDr. Porter received his PhD from Stanford University where he developed optical sensors for fuel sensing in internal combustion engines, supported by an NDSEG fellowship and Nissan Motor Co. His doctoral research focused on applications of multi-wavelength mid-infrared lasers for detection of fuel vapor in the presence of fuel films and aerosols. He received his MS from UT Austin where he developed optimization algorithms for radiation heat transfer models, including onsite research at Sandia National Laboratory where he applied radiation heat transfer models to fire science applications.

Dr. Porter’s research can be broadly grouped into two efforts: 1) developing optical diagnostics for in situ detection and control of complex energy conversion technologies and 2) studying fundamental transport and chemical kinetics in energy conversion applications.  

Research Areas

  • Infrared operando measurements of electrolyte performance in rechargeable batteries
  • Real-time optical diagnostics for manufacturing electrochemical devices
  • Measuring and modeling heat transfer in fiber blanket insulation
  • Laser-based imaging of diesel spray atomization

Selected Publications

  • M Minniti, A Ziaee, D Curran, J Porter, T Parker, D Dunn-Rankin, Femtosecond Digital Holography in the Near-Nozzle Region of a Dodecane Spray, Atomization and Sprays vol. 29 (2019)
  • MA Kelley, SR Smith, JM Porter, A novel single particle study of steam gasification kinetics of a coal-derived char at high temperatures and pressures, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute vol. 37 (2019)
  • N Saqib, CM Ganim, AE Shelton, JM Porter, On the Decomposition of Carbonate-Based Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes Studied Using Operando Infrared Spectroscopy, Journal of The Electrochemical Society vol. 165, (2018)
  • N Saqib; GM Ohlhausen; JM Porter, In Operando Infrared Spectroscopy of Lithium Polysulfides using a Novel Spectro-electrochemical Cell, Journal of Power Sources, vol. 364, (2017).

Recent Courses

  • Heat Transfer
  • Advanced Heat Transfer
  • Radiation Heat Transfer