Michael A. Mooney


Professor Mike Mooney directs the Center for Underground and the Underground Construction & Tunnel Engineering graduate degree program. His research group focuses on advancing technology for smart, rapid and cost effective tunnel construction and support of excavations in urban areas and in challenging ground. His group’s research involves integrating instrumentation into mechanical construction processes (tunnel boring machines, horizontal directional drilling), material behavior studies (using foams, polymers, cements to transform soil) and characterization of complex ground-mechanical system interaction using physics models and data driven machine learning. His group blends modeling, visualization and theory with extensive field experimental campaigns often embedded into actual construction projects across the US and world. In recent years, Prof. Mooney’s group:

(1) developed a real-time vibration monitoring technique to improve foundation construction at the seabed floor for the Venice lagoon restoration project;

(2) developed a real-time instrumentation-based boulder detection system for tunnel boring machines in Seattle and Toronto;

(3) advanced understanding of ground control using pressurized TBM tunneling and soil conditioning in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City; and

(4) developed machine learning algorithms to characterize the advance rate of tunnel boring machines in Seattle, Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Dr. Mooney teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in underground construction and tunnel engineering, instrumentation and monitoring, nondestructive evaluation and intelligent geosystems, and infrastructure engineering. Mike is a registered Professional Engineer and actively consults on construction projects in the US and internationally.

Recent Publications

(student authors underlined)

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