Paulo Cesar Tabares-Velasco, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Mines, second from left, talks to students in his Advanced Multiscale Building Energy Research (AMBER) lab. Tabares-Velasco is one of the Mines faculty members involved with the Rocky Mountain IAC.

From the Mines Newsroom: Colorado School of Mines, together with Red Rocks Community College, were selected as part of a $60 million investment by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to fund its largest-ever cohort of university-based Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC) to assist small- and medium-sized manufacturers to reduce their carbon emissions and lower energy costs, while also training the next generation of workers focused on energy efficiency.

The Rocky Mountain Industrial Assessment Center, the name of the new IAC being administered by Mines and Red Rocks, will result in shared courses where students from both institutions can learn about how to improve energy efficiency in the building and manufacturing industry.

Through this funding, the DOE will support a total of 32 universities nationwide in creating and administering IACs. Along with improving productivity, enhancing cybersecurity, and promoting resiliency planning, the centers will train diverse students and professionals to conduct energy-efficiency assessments of small to medium-sized buildings, including those located in disadvantaged communities.