FEA Professional is a 12-credit graduate certificate program that teaches transferrable skills for finite element analysis (FEA), which is the leading computer simulation technology used in design, product development, and applied research across a broad range of industries.

The start of 2022 brings two new and innovative growth opportunities for students enrolled in the FEA Pro certificate program.



FEA Pro Partners with Denver Health for Research in Trauma Surgery Technologies 

In partnership with a leading orthopaedic trauma surgeon, Dr. Cyril Mauffrey of Denver Health, FEA Pro students will have the opportunity to apply FEA for structural analysis of treatment options for bone fractures due to traumatic events, such as motor vehicle collisions. “Many of our students are recent graduates or working professionals seeking to leverage FEA expertise for career advancement or even to pivot from their current industry to a new career path,” explained Anthony Petrella, Director of FEA Pro. “FEA Pro was designed to be a hands-on, project-based training program in which participants solve problems driven by their own professional interests, so I’m very excited that our new partnership with Denver Health opens the door to FEA project ideas with immediate practical value to both clinicians and patients. For some students, these projects will provide an opportunity to explore a completely new application of structural analysis that may ignite a passion for new career options in orthopaedic biomechanics or medical device product development,” Dr. Petrella said.


The first project slated for study in 2022 is hip socket fracture caused by a car crash impact.




FEA Pro Now a Member of NAFEMS 

The FEA Professional Certificate program is the newest corporate member of NAFEMS, the global leader in standards, training, and certification for FEA and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation skills. Students who are fully enrolled in the FEA Pro Certificate program will enjoy all the benefits of NAFEMS membership, which include access to numerous technical publications, supplementary training programs, and globally recognized professional certifications. Details of NAFEMS member benefits will automatically be sent to all FEA Pro participants in the first quarter of 2022, and questions may be directed to FEAPro@mines.edu.