Connecting and engaging with ME alumni has always been a primary goal of the ME Department. With over 3,600 active ME alumni around the world, forming an ME Alumni Advisory Board seemed like the best way to make this connection happen in a meaningful way. In 2021, Mines ME seated the Department’s first ME Alumni Advisory Board. Led by Chair Matt Miller of Cornell, the Board consists of alumni from representative industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, robotics, biomechanics, and research (national laboratories). The Board held its first meeting in November 2021, where the Board reviewed and amended the By-Laws and provided feedback on topics covering ways for alumni to actively engage with the Department, plans for the ME Online program, and the Department’s Program Educational Outcomes.

Board members: Claire Teklitz (United Launch Alliance), Will Fehringer (Lockheed Martin), Amy Hegarty (University of Colorado), Caleb Schelle (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Doug Collins (AVID Product Development), Sam Osterhout (Bastien Solutions), Ryan Zamora (Milwaukee Tool), Ian MacGregor (Skratch Labs), Matt Miller (Cornell University), and Mitch Kruse (Fluke Accelix).