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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's of Incoming Freshmen:

FAQ’s about the Mechanical Engineering degree program:

FAQ’s about Mechanical Engineering department:

What are the admission statistics of incoming Freshmen?

  • About 12.500 applications received
  • About 4,600 students accepted
  • About 1,010 students enroll 
  • SAT Critical Reading and Math 1290-1450
  • ACT Composite 29-33
  • GPA 3.74-4.0 (unweighted)

High School students are encouraged to apply EARLY in the fall semester of their Senior year.

Additional enrollment and graduation data for Colorado School of Mines.

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What is does student enrollment look like?

  • 4.383 Undergraduate
  • 1,290 Graduate and PhD
  • 26% Women
  • 13% Minority
  • 11% International
  • 70% Colorado Residents
  • 30% Non-residents (48 other states and 66 other countries)

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What are retention and graduation rates?

94% Freshman to Sophomore rentention.

2007 Cohort
37.4% 4 year
64.3% 5 year
72.2% 6 Year

2008 Cohort
43.9% 4 year
71.2% 5 year
72.0% 6 Year

2009 Cohort
41.0% 4 year
71.6% 5 year
75.4% 6 Year

2010 Cohort
47.25% 4 year
71.65% 5 year

2011 Cohort
48.2% 4 year
NA 5 year

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What does job placement and average starting salaries look like?

  • Job placement of 83%.
  • Average starting salary $62,595.

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Is the BS in Mechanical Engineering accredited?

Our BSME degree is fully accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

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Why doesn’t my Mechanical Elective course show complete on my degree evaluation?

Not all Mechanical Elective courses are listed in the Bulletin since classes can be added each semester. If your course was approved as a Mechanical Elective, you can complete the Course Substitution form

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Text only version

and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. The form is available in the Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Student Services office (BB 339) or the Registrar’s office.

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