Thermal-Fluid Systems

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Thermal-Fluid Systems



You’re interested in all things energy, from clean combustion engines to efficient storage for solar. You’re an innovator, intrigued by the coupling of fluids to materials. You’re looking to be well-connected with current engineering issues and infrastructures, and are attracted to multidisciplinary opportunities - you’re looking to study Thermal-Fluid Systems at Mines.

Here we have a focus on advanced energy technologies, offer a mix of experimental and theoretical opportunities and look to engage and grow our student’s professional networks through direct involvement with strong industry partners. Research includes battery systems modeling and diagnostics, high-temperature electro-chemical cells, combustion, alternate methods of energy storage, energy systems management and fluid-dynamics of membranes.

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in one of the top ten states for Cleantech employment, Mines combines an inspiring natural setting with amazing industry opportunities. Our proximity and alignment of interests make us one of the go-to partners for collaboration for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which is less than six miles from campus. Not only have several alumni gone on to start their careers at NREL, but there are plenty of hands-on research opportunities for current students as well. Where else might you find alumni of our program? Sandia, NIST, GE, Ball Aerospace, Lockheed Martin and United Launch Alliance as well as various small and mid-sized Colorado companies working on new innovations in the energy industry.

Ultimately, we are seeking to improve energy technologies and solve real-world problems. A visit to our various labs and research groups can yield further opportunities for exploration on the breadth of our research interests, the accomplishments of our faculty and students, and how you might fit in.  


Gregory Bogin

Robert Braun

Steven Decaluwe

Greg Jackson

Robert Kee

Jason Porter

Neal Sullivan

Paulo Tabares-Velasco

Nils Tilton

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