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You’re interested in musculoskeletal structure and movement, and have a passion for helping people. You dream of giving someone back the ability to do the things they once loved. Maybe you have two loves – engineering and the medical field – and you can’t decide between the two. Maybe you don’t have to.

Here at Mines you’ll have the opportunity to explore biomechanics within the mechanical engineering framework. From modeling of movement and the biomechanics of injury, to experimental design of assistive technologies, our students work with hospitals, prosthetists/orthotists, even the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. We have a wealth of both undergraduate and graduate research opportunities that will immerse you immediately in your field, giving you the hands-on experience to give you the edge. With our tight-knit research groups, you will be an intimate contributor to cutting-edge research and make connections in industry that could lead to post-doctoral research opportunities, or jobs in the FDA, regional and national medical device companies or clinical rehabilitation labs.

If you’re looking for a personal experience with unique opportunities and close ties to local industry experts, Mines is the place for you.  Explore the pages of our faculty and various research groups for further insight on our research interests, accomplishments, and how you might fit in. 


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