Mechanical Technical Electives

The list of approved Mechanical Engineering Electives appears below. Students are required to take three (3) of these courses, and at least one (1) must be from Advanced Engineering Sciences. In addition to theses courses, any graduate course taught by a member of the Mechanical Engineering faculty will also count as a Mechanical Elective. 

Current students: if a Mechanical Engineering Elective course is not marked as completed on your degree evaluation, you may need to complete a Course Substitution formPDF versionText only version.

Advanced Engineering Sciences (at least 1)


MEGN412 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 

MEGN416 Engineering Vibrations 

MEGN451 Fluid Mechanics II
MEGN461 Thermodynamics II

Mechanical Electives (at least 2)


MEGN330 Intro to Biomechanical Engineering

MEGN430 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics

MEGN435 Modeling and Simulation of Human Movement

MEGN436 Computational Biomechanics

MEGN441 Introduction to Robotics
MEGN466 Intro. to Internal Combustion Engines
MEGN469 Fuel Cell Science & Technology
MEGN485 Manufacturing Optimization w/ Network Models
MEGN493 Engineering Design Optimization

MEGN498 (A-C) Special Topic

MEGN5XX Any MEGN graduate level course
CEEN405 Design of Steele Structures
CEEN406 Finite Element Methods for Engineers
EBGN321 Engineering Economics
EENG389 Fundamentals of Electrical Machinery
EENG417 Modern Control Design
EGGN401 Projects for People
MTGN311 (w/lab) Structures of Materials/ Lab
MTGN445 (w/lab) Mechanical Behavior of Materials/ Lab
MTGN450 Statistical Control of Material Processes
MTGN463 Polymer Engineering
MTGN464 (w/lab) Forging & Forming/ Lab
MTGN475 (w/lab) Metallurgy of Welding/Lab
NUGN520 Reactor Thermal Hydraulics
PHGN300 Physics III-Modern Physics
PHGN350 Intermediate Mechanics
PHGN419 Principles of Solar Energy Systems


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